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InfoPlease has been providing authoritative answers to all kinds of factual questions since 1938—first as a popular radio quiz show, then starting in 1947 as an annual almanac, and since 1998 on the Internet.

Bartleby.com - “Best Literary Resource” for 2002, the preeminent Internet publisher of literature, provides students, researchers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web.

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Technology Dictionary, find out what are words, emoticons, country domain names, and HTML stuff.

Tough Words Search the Hutchinson Dictionary of Difficult Words' A-Z index of over 13,900 difficult words to increase your vocabulary or just find out what those words really mean.

The well-known Webster's Dictionary is on the net and even has a "Word of the Day" section. These dictionaries are actually fun and have a variety of other resources, http://www.dictionary.com, and Your Dictionary.

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Translation Tool will not produce a perfect translation. In most cases it should adequately convey the general sense of the original. However, it is not a substitute for a competent human translator.

Google Translator you can search specific languages or countries to translate it into another language here. You can also set the Google homepage, messages, and buttons to display in your selected language via its Preferences page.

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Art History maintained by Dr. Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe, art history professor of Sweet Briar College.

Art Cyclopedia has compiled a comprehensive index of every artist represented at hundreds of museum sites, image archives, and other online resources. And it has started out by covering the biggest and best sites around, and has links for most well-known artists to keep you surfing for hours. It indexes 1800 art sites, and offers over 60,000 links to an estimated 150,000 artworks by 8,100 renowned artists.

Art Appreciation is alive and well at the National Gallery of Art.

US Census is a leading source of quality data about the nation's people and economy.

Fact Finder is your source for population, housing, economic, and geographic information.

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